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What is the order process?

  1. Once you submit your enquiry online you will immediately receive an email to confirm that we have received your enquiry.
  2. Within 1 business day you will receive official quotes from our Client Services team.
  3. Once you have finalised the items you wish to order the Clients Services team will prepare an Order Confirmation detailing the items, quantity, price, delivery address and delivery date. At this stage you will also receive Artwork Approvals that will show the style, colours, size and positioning of the branding that is to be on the products.
  4. There you will have the opportunity to approve it, or make suggestions for changes and improvements (remember, all your artwork for an order is FREE. We do not charge for art design and prep!). Once you have approved the artwork positional, we will go into production. NOTHING goes into production until we have your approval.

What kind of artwork should I upload?

The higher the resolution the better. AI, EPS or hi resolution PDF files work the best, but they must have been originally created in that format. Saving a file in one of these formats will not have the same effect.

What happens if I do not have a logo but just want some text on an item?

That is fine. Just let us know the text you would like, and your preferred font and we will be able to prepare the artwork.

Do you keep my art on file?

Yes! We keep your artwork on file to make reordering and using your art on other products simple and easy!

Can I specify a PMS colour for my print?

Yes! When you are designing your product and you upload your image, there will be a pop up that asks how many colours are in your design and what those Pantone colours are. This section is optional, and you are not required to input the PMS colours, but if you do, we will match it. If you decide not to input the PMS colours or do not know them, we will match the colours as close as possible. Keep in mind there are a few products where, due to the limitations of the printing process, exact PMS matching is not possible. This information will be listed on each product page.

What is PMS (Pantone) Colour?

The industry uses the Pantone Solid Coated Colour Book as the standard. If you do not know what PMS (Pantone Matching System) Colour your logo is, we can try to pick one and you will have an opportunity to review that colour on the artwork approval before we proceed with production.

How Can I Tell How Many Colours Are In My Artwork?

Many of our products can be printed in anything ranging from one-to-four colours (also referred to as 'spot' colours), as well as in full colour.

  • One colour print: your logo/design is one block colour.
  • Two colour print: your logo/design comprises two block colours.
  • Three colour print: your logo/design comprises three block colours.
  • Four colour print: your logo/design comprises four block colours.
  • Full colour print: your logo/design features more than four colours or any shading or gradient.

Please note that black and white both count as colours, whilst greyscale images will be counted as full colour.

Why do you need PMS colour for my print?

Getting the branding colours correct is such a critical part of the process and we believe that it is essential that one of our team review the requirements before we accept an order.

Printing and Screen Printing require spot colours. Gradients cannot be replicated with either of these branding techniques, but PMS colours can be specified and matched.

Digital Prints use the CMYK colour system and is ideal for gradients and multiple colours. This means that PMS colours may be specified as a reference, but an exact match cannot be guaranteed.

My logo is multi coloured, but I only want it to be printed in one colour what do I do?

If you have provided the logo to us in .EPS or .AI we will be able to change the colours. Most times there will have been a 1 colour logo created when the logo was initially designed. If you don’t have access to the file, we should be able to convert it.

What kind of branding should I use?

The options on the website show what is possible on each item. It will often come down to personal preference, sometimes you might be limited by your logo, but the Client Service team will always be available to help guide your decision.

Why is there a specified area to brand on?

The shape of the decoration machine can sometimes limit the branding area. With embroidery for instance a frame needs to be placed inside the product before the embroidery can be applied. Therefore, the size of the embroidery is limited to the size of frame that can be used.

Pad printing uses a process where a rubber stamp picks-up ink from a plate and transfers it to the product. The stamp is flat and has limited flexibility, so if printing on a curved surface only a limited percentage of the circumference can be printed before the image is distorted at the edges.

Can I have a look at the item with my branding before I proceed?

We can send unbranded samples (at a small cost) and you will be shown an artwork approval and positional before production begins, but a full pre-production sample is not possible nor financially viable for most orders.

Can I have a range of different coloured items?

Sometimes this is possible. If you would like to do this, please mention it to the Client Services team and they will let you know if it is possible.

Will my logo print the same colour as a previous job?

Every effort is made to ensure consistence from order to order, but there is always the possibility that there may be some small changes. Variances in the temperature, humidity, calibration of printing machines and even small differences in the product itself can all effect the final result.

What if I am unable to find the item I want on your website?

Just email us with what you are after and we will track it down for you. We have agents that specialise in sourcing unique products from all around the world for our clients.

How fast will I get my order?

We aim to have all domestically produced items delivered to your door within 3 weeks of approval. Off-shore items will generally take longer and there are options of Air or Sea freight. When the Client Services team prepare the quotes for your enquiry, they will be able to provide a more accurate lead-time for delivery. If you have a special event or function that you need the products for, simply let the Client Service team know and they will provide you with the best options to achieve delivery for those dates.

Where will you deliver to?

We will deliver to any physical address in Australia. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver to PO Boxes or Overseas.

Is Freight included in the unit price?

In most cases freight will be additional. If the delivery address is known at the time of quoting, please let the Client Services team know the postcode for delivery and they can include the freight charge in the quote.

What if I receive more or less than I ordered?

We charge you only for what you ordered. In the unlikely event we ship fewer than ordered, you will be charged only for what you received.

Can I cancel or change my order?

You can cancel at any time prior to the order going into production. Once items have been allocated and imprinted with your logo, we can no longer accept a cancellation. If you need to change your order for any reason, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

What if I am unhappy with my order?

If you are unhappy with your order because the product is defective or ‘not as promised’ or the imprint quality is not as described, just contact your Client Services team and we will organise for the faulty stock to be returned, then we will reprint the job.

What are the terms of payment?

Payment needs to be made prior to delivery. Once you have approved the artwork, we will begin production and receive a confirmed dispatch date. At this stage we will prepare an invoice for you.

How can I pay for my order?

Once you have received the Invoice from the Client Services team, you can organise payment via Direct Debit or Credit Card (surcharges do apply).