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About Us

Our Purpose

In Australia, despite the presence of numerous worthy causes and charitable organizations, the rate of philanthropic giving is at some of the lowest levels in 4 decades.

This lack of widespread philanthropy poses a significant obstacle to addressing pressing societal needs and inhibits the growth and effectiveness of charitable initiatives.

Promo Stuff recognizes this challenge and seeks to catalyse a culture of giving by providing an innovative platform that will not only raise funds but also encourage and facilitate increased philanthropic engagement.

By removing the barriers for people to be involved in giving and fostering a spirit of generosity, we aim to amplify the impact of charitable efforts and create positive change within Australian communities.

Why use Promo Stuff?

There is an excellent chance that you have seen or used multiple examples of promo stuff today. Be it a pen on your desk or in your bag, the umbrella in the boot of your car, or the water bottle you take to the gym, promo stuff has a way of working its way into your life. 


A recent international survey found that 58% of recipients kept the item for between 1 and 4 years and nearly half used the product daily.


There is no question that this fact alone makes promo stuff a hugely impactful and cost-effective form of advertising. When target audience impressions are the parameter by which we measure the effectiveness of a piece of advertising, there are not many alternatives to promo stuff in value for cost per impression.


The other huge advantage of promo stuff is that it is scalable. Not everyone can produce and air a TVC, but everyone can have fantastic looking promo stuff to give away and promote their business or message.


These are the reasons why 90% of corporates are using promotional products to build brand loyalty.

It's your choice

Making a difference with your promotional products won’t mean sacrificing quality or service. 


As far as we are concerned, there is no secret to a long and rewarding partnership with a client – just keep getting better. 


•  We seek to understand the brief objectives for the promotion


•  Design, Source, Quote the product


•  Deliver the products on time, on spec and on budget


•  Review the outcome and results of the promotion


•  Make refinements for the next promotion


This feedback loop drives the continuous improvement that helps to inspire confidence and trust in the work that we do for our client partners.


Be informed. Be concerned. Be determined to make a difference.

Be the person that does what is right.


Or as we like to say – #giveastuff


None of us can single-handedly fix all that is wrong in this world, but if we all try to make improvements where we can, there is no doubt that we can leave this world a better place than the way we found it.


We hope to make #giveastuff a tag that can encompass all causes, be they environmental, social, or medical. We want people to be informed and care about what is happening and ultimately do what they can to contribute to the solutions.


It doesn’t have to be difficult; you can start by showing that you #giveastuff when you make your next purchase of promotional products. Hopefully, it will become the start of something bigger.


Thanks for reading to the end. Let’s get started. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Managing Director

Several personal experiences over the past few years have inspired Brad to want to give back. The question was how to best do that. His first instinct was to throw himself into some of the frontline work, but the reality was that if he were to use his 25 years’ experience in the promotional products industry, that would have a more significant impact. As such Promo Stuff was founded.


Throughout his time in the industry Brad has knowledge of all aspects of the business but prefers to be working behind the scenes.

Sales Director

Before her move into the promotional products industry over a decade ago, Shana worked in footwear in both sales and marketing roles. As an integeral member of a small marketing team for a well-loved Australian label, she directed a campaign that won the prestigious Cannes Lions award. You can trust that she understands what it takes to deliver a successful integrated marketing strategy.


Shana’s experience and knowledge of both sides of the business relationship enables her to deliver our clients the best possible experience when they work with Promo Stuff.